25 Oct 2016

Urgent Solutions Needed for the Youth

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – Dr. Justin Robinson, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences UWI, Cave Hill, made the point that our school system is creating a world class elite but quite a large number are falling through the cracks leaving a need for urgent solutions.

Troy Weekes, Founder of EZLearner has brought a product to assist in tackling this challenge, an education model that converts students from being passive consumers to active producers of their own knowledge. Read More “Urgent Solutions Needed for the Youth” »

21 Oct 2016

Digital Direction

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – Send and receive money digitally, educate children digitally, and attract tourists while building businesses with pop culture. Those were the offerings when three next generation professionals came together to share their enterprise ideas in a panel discussion last week.

Gabriel Abed, Troy Weekes, and Curtis Greaves gave insight into what business of the future looks like when they told of their “disruptive” commercial company ideas in the Grand Salle of the Central Bank when they were part of a Barbados International Business Association discussion panel.

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