Jones wants ‘instant gratification’ for students

7 Apr 2017

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – The Ministry of Education is to introduce a digital assessment programme aimed at replacing “delayed gratification” with “instant gratification” for students.

An unspecified number of schools will be involved in a pilot project, which will require retraining of teachers and upgrading the information technology systems of those schools, Minister of Education Ronald Jones announced Wednesday.

Jones did not name the schools, nor did he reveal when the pilot would begin.

However, he told the handing over of literacy material at the Blackman and Gollop Primary School technology was available to provide much quicker feedback to students, and educators must be able to meet the demands of the modern system.

“When you have 30 children in a class, you’re gonna take an hour, two hours, sometimes the weekend to correct those books . . . and children will have delayed gratification relative to their success. But technology removes delayed gratification and gives instant gratification by simply putting online the assessments, the exams, you can do a whole ton of things with them,” the minister said.

“The child can see that result instantly while the teacher as well will get the script coming straight on the teacher’s own technology so that they can put it into some other marking instrument or marking scheme. Or the system can be so set up that it would take that mark and put it besides your name and develop a whole system of continuously assessing the work of students.”

The Ministry of Education is on a drive to promote the greater use of technology at schools across the island, with Jones stressing the need to embrace all technologies at the education institutions.

Earlier this year he announced that all schools would be equipped with computers to facilitate learning, and last month Jones announced he was finalizing a revised policy on the use of cell phones in schools.

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